noobs have decided to click a button that says *Do Not Click*


wtf man...I said don't click.. and yet, what do you do? you click.. what has this world gone to...jesus christ..can't even ask for someone to not click a button. You are very disobedient. you'll get in trouble for that some day... I swear one of these days you'll read a sign that says "do not read!", why, what tempts you to read the sign, eh? your own disobedience? yeah, first the button, then the sign, next thing you know you're gonna go shooting people because you read a sign that says "please do not shoot people" then you're gonna go to jail because you shot people... now is that what you want out of life? now next time you see a button that says *Do Not Click*, don't click it, people usually have reasons for those buttons, like to yell at people for clicking them... now let me say one last thing...

           Do Not Leave a Comment! don't do it man...don't do it...

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